Website Hosting

What makes a good host?. They should be reliable, attentive and supportive. For more and more companies, their website IS the front-door to their business, it's services and products. As you wouldn't blindly choose an office or retail outlet for your business, the same applies to the home of your website. Website hosting is one area where compromise is not a consideration. Whether your looking at hosting a large e-commerce website or hosting a small site with 10 pages, you can be rest assured your site is in safe hands. With 99% uptime and rapid on-call response to any changes or queries, your website will be operational, 24 X 7.

50MB web space

5 email addresses

2GB bandwidth

2 sub domains

2 MySQL databases

2 FTP accounts

200MB web space

20 email addresses

5GB Bandwidth

5 sub domains

5 MySQL databases

5 FTP accounts

500MB web space

Unlimited email addresses

10GB Bandwidth

10 sub domains

10 MySQL databases

Unlimited FTP accounts

UK Data Centre Hosting - The optimal platform for search engine recognition!
Business Premium - £200/Month

Business Premium Plus - £275/month

Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited web space
Unlimited email
Unlimited mysql
DB backups (weekly)
Site Backup (weekly)

Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited web space
Unlimited email
Unlimited mysql
24x7 support
DB backups (weekly)
Site Backup (weekly)
Test website on sub domain
Backup site on seperate server
Source Control

Scalable Web Hosting

As you can see, we offer a wide range of options for your site. From budget offerings to larger dedicated hosting services, you will always have room for expansion and back up support if you need it.

Grow with us; You may only have a few pages for your initial web presence but you can rapidly expand into a much larger online portal. We liaise with you to offer you the most appropriate hosting solution for your company and your budget. We will discuss your current situation and anticipated growth and recommend a solution that fits you. We will monitor your growth closely and let you know well in advance if you need to adjust your hosting, regardless of whether that is to streamline or expand.

To discuss our website hosting services and how we can tailor a solution to your hosting requirements contact us today for your FREE quote.