Email Newsletter Design

Communication is of critical importance when addressing customer relationship management. Keeping the customer informed is the life blood of any organisation. One of the most effective mediums in the digital world is via an email newsletter or e-newsletter. If it's informing the customer or clients of your latest offers or the new must-have product this is an effective and low-cost method of marketing and communicating key information to your customers. However, issuing a e-newsletter is one thing, ensuring the customer reads it and acts on it another. It's a fine act between interesting and inviting content without bombarding the customer repeatedly to the point where they are asking to be removed from your mailing list.

Newsletter Services

At RainbwoMotion we are seasoned in the publishing, sending and tracking of newsletters. After all, what use is it in sending a newsletter if you don't know how affective it has been in generating more sales? Our newsletters engaging and bait the customer onto your site without being pushy or intrusive. Our clients have seen huge response and sales as a direct result of our newsletter distribution on their behalf.

Our newsletter service includes:

  • Design
  • Images (for HTML based newsletters)
  • Authoring (writing interesting and engaging content that screams "click me")
  • Distribution (emailing the newsletter)
  • Tracking and Response Monitoring

To discuss our email newsletter servie and how this can benefit your business, contact us at our Leeds offices today for your FREE quote.