SEO Sevices'Rainbow SEO' is a search engine optimisation service that can be tailored to suit any web site. Whether you have a single web page to which you require a greater presence or a large e-commerce organisation aiming to hit page one for an extra 10 products, we can work for you. At RainbowMotion our SEO services cover all major search engines, not just Google. Trust in RainbowMotion will not be miss-placed and will see you climbing the ladder at Yahoo and Bing also. Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, our SEO services have turned the fortunes of many local business. RainbowMotion has a catalogue of Successful UK Campaigns within large and competitive industries.

Keeping you informed - Reports and Analytics.

SEO SevicesFrom the beginning of every partnership we help clients to understand exactly what is going to be involved and exactly what they can expect from us. Regardless of scale, we will handle the task using our tried and tested three phase approach. Simply put, we first consult with our client, a degree of ‘On-Site’ optimisation follows, and we finish with your ‘Off-Site’ optimisation. All clients benefit from regular progression reports and analytics. If you require a higher level or more frequent breakdown of analytic data we will be 2 things... surprised and happy to oblige.

SEO Process Outlined

Phase 1 - Consultancy & Brief

The importance of the initial consultancy must never be underestimated. Firmly establishing what your goals are and discussing how we can deliver them provides clarity of everyone’s expectations. Experience tells us that many companies will stray quickly from the brief set by a client or never truly establish one. This is of course a slippery road to disappointment. In some instances we find that people/businesses benefit greatly from us helping them to understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a little better.

Phase 2 - 'On-Site' Optimisation

If we are going to build a sky scraper then we are going to need some strong foundations… Ensuring that your web site coding meets W3C Internet standards and caters adequately for Google is the next step towards your success.  During this phase it is likely that we will have to make some changes to your web site or perhaps construct necessary guidance for your development team. Typically, the changes made will not be visible on the surface but serve to make the programming more ‘Google friendly’. During the last decade the quality of web site content has risen dramatically. We recognise that Google rewards web sites with the highest subject relevancy and regularly updated content. We work closely with clients to ensure web site content is of the optimal standard.

Phase 3 - 'Off-Site' Optimisation/Backlinking

Networking your web site on the web, raising awarenes, spreading the social seed and generating inbound links are a delicate and crucial element to SEO. The more channels and associations made that point in your direction, the higher you will sit in Google’s regard. Of course it is not exactly that simple… Having an extensive amount of inbound links to your web site is one thing, but having just the right amount of links from the right and credible sources is another. We are experts at striking the desired balance on your behalf.

So what can you expect to pay...? We base our pricing on a few key elements:

  1. How well optimised is your web site currently? - Assessment/audit tells us how much ground work you may require.

  2. What are the keywords you are targeting? - Both time and cost are shaped greatly by how competitive your keywords are.

  3. How many keywords/keyterms would you like your web site optimising for?


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