The art of search engine optimisation, or SEO, is often seen as a mystical world of uncertainty and confusion. Our first mission as your SEO company is to take the confusion and complexity out of the equation. We don't believe in our customer's having to search for a straight forward explanation of the process and how it all works. We know if your reading this you may have spoken with many SEO companies and naturally by now a little confused about which direction to take. You will have various SEO quotes from a number of websites all ranging from cheap to insanely expensive and wonder how and what occurs in order to achieve this fee.

We fully explain our approach and track our time spent against your SEO campaign and detail our activities so you have complete confidence in the effort we are taking in getting you up to that lucrative first position in google for your keyword. Some search engine optimisation companies promise the earth and guarantee results, some offer no success no fee, or FREE SEO, we simply ask when was the last time you truely got something for nothing?. We provide clarity in our approach and deliver results that will show a huge gain in your natural search listings, and ultimately your bottom line. Some of our local SEO clients in Leeds have seen small part-time businesses used to contribute towards the income of a full-time job, flourish into full-time businesses with turnover increased 10 X inside 12 months. We have also taken family run businesses and turned their company into UK industry leaders. Regardless of whether your looking at Search engine results in the local area like Leeds, or SEO on a national UK level for your company, our search optimisation for your business will definitely take you to the top, in more ways than one.

But let's not forget the other search engines though. All too often Search engine ranking is primarily focused on google and other less popular search engines don't get a look in. However when you optimise your website for Bing and Yahoo search, not only is it widely recognised these are growing in popularity, the click through rate for these sites are much higher, and as they grow so will you.

If you want to rank high, when you think search, think RainbowMotion,

To discuss our SEO services and how these can benefit your business, contact us at our Leeds offices today for your FREE quote.