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“How many times have you spoken to an SEO Expert who has been immediately able to outline a vast array of downfalls for your web site?”

To those of you reading this articles with a mind to employ an SEO company, warning! You may find the following information a little refreshing.

Too often it is found that SEO companies are either unwilling to divulge useful information or in fact don’t posses any in the first place. Do you know exactly what you are paying for? Has your SEO company illustrated clearly or audited your site setting out a structured plan for the future? Where on that plan do your sit currently? If you are struggling to answer and of these first few questions then do yourself a favour – get yourself a nice big cup of tea and read on.


The art of search engine optimisation, or SEO, is often seen as a mystical world of uncertainty and confusion. Our first mission as your SEO company is to take the confusion and complexity out of the equation. We don't believe in our customer's having to search for a straight forward explanation of the process and how it all works. We know if your reading this you may have spoken with many SEO companies and naturally by now a little confused about which direction to take. You will have various SEO quotes from a number of websites all ranging from cheap to insanely expensive and wonder how and what occurs in order to achieve this fee.