Much of what the major search engines take into consideration when listing web sites is born from the commitment you have to it. If you produce a web site which genuinely aims to provide up to date information of the highest relevancy then this will not go un-noticed. For those who are simply looking to sell products and potentially offer less frequent information updates, you should still be aware of the benefits.

From the introductory paragraph, take “relevancy” as the single most important term. The basics for Google are largely resting on the relevancy of your web content. By this we are referring to the physical information as displayed to your visitors. In 2010, of the many search engines trawling the Internet, indexing new pages, few of them pay as high a regard to ‘meta data’ is you may be told. Certainly in the late nineties and until recent years, the meta tags were of read by Google, Yahoo and Bing (formerly Live MSN) as direct guidance as to what categories your web pages belonged to. How could Google continue to index billions of pages without refining its listing criteria? The answer is of course that it could not. Today, sorts the Wheat from the Chaff by paying particular attention to how often you update the content of your site and the relevancy of the information which flows through the pages. In effect, those who put the most effort into providing the best service and information to visitors/customers are off to the best start.

The sad truth for many if that they do not lack the drive to succeed in all we have mentioned so far, but their site coding has fallen short of the mark. The essense of good web site coding is clean and concise, which allows for more of the pages to be indexed at a faster rate. Each time the search engine robots/spiders visit your site you need them to zip through as much of your content of possible before they make judgement. It is this judgement built up over several passes of the site that will determine where your site ranks and settles within the organic listings on Google.

These are the crucial basic foundations for successful search engine optimisation. If you have time, please take a look at some of our other articles. With a greater understanding of SEO you can drive yourself in the right direction.

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