Sadly not! There is much more to a successful web site than simply having one. There are hundreds of millions of people surfing the web... surely some of them will stumble across your web site when you have built it? Wrong again, and let’s face it, what good is a web site with no visitors?

A good looking web site is not necessarily going to successfully achieve high volumes of traffic. Of course you may have a beautiful looking digital work or art and you may gain visitors through word of mouth and paper based advertising. However, don’t you want to tap into those millions of Internet surfers? The possibilities would be endless then wouldn’t they? Global you might say.

The greatest buildings in the world are all built on strong foundations and are continually well maintained. There is really no better advice that could be given to anyone who owns or builds a web site. Think of good high quality programming as high grade building blocks from which you can construct your empire state web equivalent. Consider a regular update of high quality relevant information as the garnish and maintenance that will give your visitors reason to keep coming back. With these foundations and your ongoing tlc, you are on your way to the holy grail... winning Google’s affections.

So... take time to build a quality web site and remember to strike the right balance between quality code, quality content and quality graphics and design. Give your visitors up to date information, giving them reason to come back and Google reason to consider your site as being managed and a credible reference. If you put these principles first then you stand the greatest chance of achieving your overall goals for the project – profit and/or exposure.

Of course this is only a fraction and an insight as to the bigger picture of SEO search engine optimisation.