As many people know, relevancy rings true as a crucial factor when it comes to optimisation and the SERPS (search engine results pages) in general and with particular emphasis on Google. It seems as though we have all been banging on about making content relevant for the audience and ensuring that backlinks are done with relevant and credible sites whenever possible. Certainly it can be said that relevant backlinks need to establish the foundations of your backlinking campaigns.

The worlds eyes watch Google’s ever-changing algorithm with a mind to branding the understanding of it as the holy grail for businesses. Have I got enough content? Is my content good enough for Google? Do I have enough links and are they relevant enough? Well… Bing now seems set and poised to draw a new chapter in the relevancy stakes by way of a team up with Face book.

Facebook recently took the crown from Google as the highest ranked web site in the world in terms of traffic. Microsoft has joined forces with the giant social network in order that search queries through Bing may draw on data held in Facebooks networks. The brilliance and the key to relevancy here is that Bing can tailor its search results to you as an individual. So how are they doing this exactly? Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook allows them to see what you are interested in on a social level. What sports and interests do you have? What are the common trends and topics of interest within your friends and extended networks? If Bing can harness the answers then it may be able to deliver you, as a surfer, YOUR perfect results page.

Through Bing, this is Microsoft’s answer and counter blow in the war of relevancy. The war in which the major search engines continually seek dominance by proving to surfers that they have the best tool for finding the information most suitable for YOU. Some sources are even suggesting that Bing may look towards placing images from within the Facebook network into its search results. Imagine your face displaying in the results of a friends search query, depicting that you also share interest in the search topic. Clearly this can currently only serve as a Facebook module but it is conceivable that some may find it disturbing. Whilst Facebook has a vast empire it has not yet conquered the world. Many remain sceptical about placing their lives in the public/social Internet arena. As such, the words of this article may not make for a pleasing read for everyone.

The Facebook-Microsoft alliance is certainly one that should continue to stir things up nicely for years to come. It could be said that today, Bing still only commands a fraction of the search market share. Watch this space. From an SEO perspective, we should all be prepared to pay social networking its dues and make sure we are on the pitch ready to play the game. Perhaps whilst Google is still king of the castle it may still be more important to ensure compliancy of our sites with regard to any countermeasures launched by Google in the near future.