Much debate and technical jousting takes place in the arena of SEO and the most frequent of these debates sits with ethical SEO practises.

The more seasoned purists are staunch in their support of following recommended SEO approaches as documented by Google, whereas a number of people are willing to bend the rules to their advantage. The question being, is this unethical?

Ethics and Business rarely go hand-in hand, you only have to look at Enron for that area. So lets take another area, ethics and politics? Less said about that the better! In a competitive world the boundary for ethics is being manipulated and blurred on a regular basis. So what makes the world of SEO any different?

Underhand SEO tactics (or blackhat) is merely bending the ethical rules to their limit. Sure it's not pretty and it's against policy, but in a highly competitive market demand for results breeds necessity.Looking for loopholes to gain an advantage over opposition after all is the foundation of the legal industry.

As readily as law and statute is optimised to prohibit legal loopholes, the Google algorithms are tuned for SEO purposes.

Those who stay within the ethical framework will enjoy the pleasure of maintaining their position when the inevitable changes are enforced, while the quick win brigade could be back to square one.

Whilst we can debate about the ethics of search engine optimisation and justifiably disagree with the opposing factions, we can unite in the creation of the SEO ying and yang and support best practise within the current search engine optimisation jurisdiction.


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