The dawn of a new era is upon us. It looks like the SEO practice of heavy back-linking and article publishing is to lose out in it's significance with Site / page performance to become an increasingly important factor.

With the evolution and imminent launch of the new google search engine, interestingly dubbed "Google Caffeine", the emphasis on site speed is named on the tin. So if google is tuning the speed it returns it search results (early indications and benchmarks suggest a load time 2X faster), you can be sure it's not going to look too kindly on a slow, sluggish site. This is further re-enforced with some tests executed on the beta test version of google caffeine. It looks like the increased coffee bean intake has made the big G lose some excess festive pounds!. Searching on google versus the new google search engine shows some interesting results. The leaner, meaner google caffeine has a streamlined index and has seen a whopping 85% reduction on the results returned, it's curiously bing-esque!.

This is all complimented nicely with the google webmaster tools introduction of site speed as a beta test tool. Call us presumptuous but a little bit of website performance improvement might be key in the next few months.


google webmaster tools site performance